Enhanced Oil Recovery

Enhanced Oil Recovery

When using the conventional oil production methods nearly 2/3 of oil remain unproduced. But our Company believes that with proper selection of technology applied to specific reservoir features and conditions, each ton of reagent used will produce 500 – 3,000 tons of incremental oil. The average incremental oil production as a result of EOR well operations may reach up to 4,6 tons or 26% of total production.

Proposed technologies and methods to improve reservoir properties and to enhance oil recovery can significantly contribute to 5-20% growth in OOIP at oil fields under development, and depending on reservoir properties may come to 50-75% of the oil produced.

Increasing the Coverage of Heterogeneous Reservoirs by Flooding:

  • Thermostable polymer flooding technology
  • Polymer flooding technology with at low injectivity
  • Surfactant flooding technology
  • Integrated surfactant-polymer flooding technology
  • Flooding technology and application of cross-linked gelling systems
  • Complex surfactant-polymer-base application technology (ASP)
  • Diverted flooding technology in heterogeneous formations (Smart technology)

Oil displacement efficiency growth:

  • Surfactant-micellar dispersed flooding technology.

Production well WSO:

  • Water inflow control procedure in production wells using MPS REIS-H composition.


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