Gas Well Draining and Cleaning

Gas Well Draining and Cleaning

For gas well stimulation we offer our latest development – chemical foam sticks (CFS). Their composition is very simple: it’s a mixture of surfactant and water-soluble salts.

Advantages of proposed technology:

  • Ease of operations (does not require specialized equipment);
  • Zero corrosion effect danger to casing, tubing or other downhole equipment;
  • High foam exposition ration and foam stability, followed by destruction on the surface;
  • Compatibility with various original formation fluids,
  • Simplicity and ease of transportation and storage.

The main action of CFS is foaming a variety of fluids in wells (e.g., gas condensate, oil, water, various emulsions). When CFS are dissolved, surfactant goes into an aqueous solution; by bubbling with gas the surfactant solution turns into a foam and is brought to the well surface. With sufficient gas supply to the well and 40% water share in total amount of gaseous fluid, the proper amount of surfactant solution allows extracting almost all fluid from the well. The operation can be repeated to achieve a positive effect without significant costs.

An important feature of the foam sticks – the application to treat hard-to-reach wells; this technology can replace a special team of workers and their equipment.

* Chemical composition of these sticks is adjusted according to specific application conditions.


of reagent are necessary for the removal of 100 liters of borehole fluid


the processing time of one well operation


of chemical foam pots are produced by our Company per month

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