Dust Suppression

Dust Suppression

Our company proposes the technology of dust suppression and soil stabilization using MPS REIS series of reagents. These reagents will allow you to:

  • provide stable and long-term control of erosion and dust formation of all types of soil (in mines, with unpaved, agricultural or farm roads, warehouses for bulk materials, as well as temporary industrial roads, landfills and take-off strips);
  • treat the bases of public skating rinks and storages of various wastes;
  • build reliable water protection barriers;
  • make construction materials from the available soil.

This reagent will allow you to minimize the costs for construction of roads, various sites and structures from any locally available soil:

  • Allows making road bases without the use of gravel and crushed stone;
  • Simplifies repair operations;
  • Increases frost resistance of the treated surfaces.

After soil compaction and product hardening in it, soil becomes monolithic and water resistant. Neither heat nor cold can weaken or destroy it for a long time.

But besides the above, our Company has taken care of environmental safety, so, from an environmental point of view, the compositions are harmless to plants and animal life on the Earth, both in ground and in water.


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