Inhibited Hydrochloric Acid, Grade B

Inhibited Hydrochloric Acid, Grade B

Safety requirements: Technical synthetic hydrochloric acid is a corrosive chemically stable liquid. It “smokes” in the air due to emissions of hydrogen chloride and attraction of atmospheric moisture forming acid mist. Hydrochloric acid fog irritates the upper respiratory tract and mucous membranes of the eyes. After contact with skin causes burns. Maximum permissible concentration (MPC) of hydrochloric acid fumes in the air of the working area – 5 mg/m3, hazard class – 2 (highly hazardous substances). All work with hydrochloric acid must be done in overalls and goggles. All workers must be provided with industrial filtering gas masks. In case of a spill, hydrochloric acid must be washed off from floor surfaces and equipment with plenty of water or alkali solution.

Package: Special railway tank cars, rubber-lined tanks of consumers with a diameter of the neck not less than 200 mm; consumer packaging.

Transportation: The product is transported by all modes of transport in accordance with goods transportation rules applicable for this mode of transport. The level (degree) of tank, container, barrel and bottle filling must be calculated based on the maximum use of carrying capacity (holding capacity) and volumetric expansion of the product at possible temperature drop along the route of transportation. Classification code of the group of dangerous goods in accordance with GOST 194433-88: 8113.

Storage: Inhibited hydrochloric acid must be stored in sealed steel containers at a temperature not higher than 30 °C. When packed in barrels – in warehouses, or under a canopy.

Guaranteed shelf life – 2 months in a steel container, 6 months in a plastic container from the date of manufacture. Then, the inhibitor shall be introduced in the amount indicated in the manufacturer’s data sheet.

The information contained in technical documentation is provided to the best of our knowledge and is considered true as of the revision date. This specification does not relieve the user from the obligation to check the product for suitability for the intended application. The manufacturer shall not be liable for any loss or damage that may arise from the use of this information.


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