Well Killing

Well Killing

Bottom-hole zones of production and injection wells are the essential parts of reservoirs. Their conditions largely effect the filtration conditions and formation fluid inflow to well bottoms, the potential of individual wells and, ultimately, they determine oil recovery factor of the field. Main adverse effect on productive BH zone is caused by process operations performed in wells, and fluids applied.

Among other operations, well killing is the most widespread type of well operations, which is a set of measures for selection, mixing-up and injection of special killing fluids ensuring safe and trouble-free preventive maintenance operations. In course of geological and field work each well is subjected to killing operation at least once a year because of the need for work-overs, replacement of pumping equipment, BH flushing, etc.

Based on a comprehensive analysis of the a.m. problems and long-term experience of our specialists we offer RUN-2, a highly efficient chemical reagent and integrated technology of its application for gentle oil well killing in challenging geological and technical conditions of high-permeable reservoirs and abnormal formation pressures.

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