Chromium Acetate (III)

Chromium Acetate (III)

Safety requirements: Environmentally friendly product, biodegradable and does not form harmful substances. Chromium acetate is a low-hazard substance according to GOST 12.1.007-76, with regard to impact on human belongs to the 3rd hazard class (moderately hazardous substances). In relation to transportation is not dangerous and is not classified in accordance with GOST 19433-89.

Package: As agreed with the consumer, is packaged in plastic cans of 31.5 l, polyethylene barrels of 227 l, polyethylene containers of 1,000 l. The containers used can be packaged with: PP packaging tape (used for roping, tightening, packaging), palletizing with stretch film (ensures a secure fit of the cargo, increases the speed of handling operations, prevents damage and theft of goods), the use of wooden pallets.

Transportation: The product may be transported by all modes of transport in accordance with goods transportation rules applicable for this mode of transport.

Storage: The product is stored in closed containers at a temperature between -30 °C and +30 °C, in covered warehouses.

Guaranteed shelf life – 1 year from the date of manufacture.


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