Oil Service


We produce 900,000 tons of reagents annually


More than 200 companies buy reagents from us

5000Кm3 extracted in 2016

5 000 000 m3 of oil and gas were extracted  with the help of our company in 2016

Business Group offers high quality solutions related to optimization of oil and gas field development:

  • qualified analysis of the development state;
  • identification of the causes of operation site development low efficiency;
  • reservoir engineering at physico-chemical action with a selection of the optimal technologies;
  • complex laboratory research and testing of reagents applied to the development conditions;
  • scientific justification for the use of technologies of secondary drilling-in of low-permeability reservoirs, killing and stimulation of wells, aimed at increasing the efficiency of the “layer-well” system and oil and gas recovery factor;
  • implementation of effective integrated technologies and materials related to squeeze cementing under abnormal high and low reservoir pressures with quality isolation of bottom water at oil and gas fields,


  • produce chemical agents and supply oilfield chemistry required by Customers with exact observance of terms and quality of products shipped;
  • inject chemical compositions or implement other technologies to stimulate oil and gas production, killing, repair and renewal operations, and enhanced oil recovery;
  • provide field supervision of the implementation of our technology;
  • calculate technological and economic efficiency of the operations;
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