Enhanced Oil Recovery

Each ton of reagent used allows to extract from 500 to 3000 tons of oil additionally

Squeeze Cementing

The efficiency of the well depends largely on the quality of repair and insulation works

Oil Production Stimulation

Our company is engaged in the intensification of oil and gas production in seven directions

Well Killing

We introduce a technology of gentle well killing, based on a comprehensive analysis of existing problems

Gas Well Draining and Cleaning

For the intensification of gas wells, we offer our recent developments of chemical foam pots

Dust Suppression

Our company is engaged in soil nailing

Supply of chemical reagents

Our company specializes in the development, production and sale of chemical reagents

Laboratory research

Laboratory services in the field of improvement of reservoir recovery rate

Our partners

Due to the high quality of the products and services provided, our company maintains long-term relationships with our partners. For a long time, Business-Group has been a reliable service and chemical reagents provider  for the leaders of the oil and gas industry in Russia and abroad.

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