About us

About Us

Business Group is a specialized manufacturer of chemical agents and developer of their application technologies for oil and gas industry, also rendering comprehensive services on adaptation of supplied chemical agents to specific geological-field conditions of target facilities.

Since 2004, we offer our customers proven and environmentally friendly solutions for intensification of oil and gas production, repair and renewal operations, elimination of disastrous lost circulation areas, draining and cleaning of gas wells, non-damaging well killing and enhanced reservoir recovery.

The portfolio of our company includes a wide range of effective developments, as well as highly qualified and experienced staff, repeatedly proving its effectiveness both in the deposits of the Russian Federation, in the Orenburg, Saratov, Tomsk and Penza regions, Krasnodar Territory, Yamalo-Nenets and Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Districts and Komi-Perm District, as well as in the Republics of Kazakhstan and Vietnam, the Sultanate of Oman, and Hungary.


The world continues changing at a rapid pace. In many countries, including Russia, in conditions of global overproduction and falling prices for hydrocarbons, control over oil and gas cost will remain in the focus of financial policy of oil and gas corporations in the long term, which will seek optimization of their costs. Volatility, reduced prices and contract volumes require new solutions from suppliers and manufacturers of chemical agents.

To accomplish these tasks, we have stated our strategy in terms of two goals:

Strengthening our positions in key market outlets and increasing the efficiency of our developments, taking into account the real customer needs. This applies to both technological and scientific aspects of our work.

Since 2015, we are implementing various initiatives according to four principles: Quality, Efficiency, Profitability and Openness to Customers. Our basic principles in relationships with the Customer remain focused on building long-term relationships, reliability and integrity of the information provided, responsibility for performance of commitments and strict observance of industrial safety, environmental health and occupational safety rules at work.

Company Structure

Our company structure is based on the principles of management decentralization maximum focus on each of the company activities. Regional scale of business, its rapid development and diversification strategy require careful attention to all types and stages of production, dynamics of oilfield services market situation, the needs of customers and areas of technological development.

The basic structural unit of the company is Samara branch with a clear specialization and a high degree of autonomy. Its tasks include implementation of oilfield services strategy directions the company development. The branch comprises: geological and commercial analysis department, technology department, laboratory of physical and mathematical modeling, laboratory of physical and chemical methods of research with modern equipment and software, as well as the industrial site for reagent production.

The company is headquartered in Moscow, with the company’s management, as well as financial and information-analytical departments.

West Siberian branch of the company is in Langepas, comprising an industrial maintenance base with a warehouse of chemical agents.

Board of Directors

Alexey Nikolaevich Zotikov

Director General  OOO «Business-Group»

Adolf Alexeevich Aksenov

Director of research and innovations, Dr. hab.- MSc, full professor, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Company Management

Alexey Nikolaevich Zotikov

Director General  OOO «Business-Group»

Alexander Sergeevich Primachenko

Deputy Director General for Technologies

Oleg Alexandrovich Podobin

Deputy Director General, Division Manager in Langepas

Equipment and instrumentation

For research and analysis of process fluid preparation, the company has a laboratory of physical and chemical research for production enhancement, squeeze cementing, oil production intensification and well killing, as well as a mobile laboratory of physical and chemical analysis.

The company uses its own advanced equipment to perform work on oil production intensification and squeeze cementing:

Specialized mobile UPPR-RIR and APZR units for preparation of viscoelastic polymer compositions during squeeze cementing;

Units of well acidizing UNC-125x50K-01M with electronic parameter control system;

Mobile drilling rigs Cooper LTO 350 with lifting capacity of 100 tons and Cooper LTO 550 with lifting capacity of 125 tons.

Pump and tank park of various capacities, equipment and volume.


Geography of Activity

To date, the company operates in Western Siberia, the Volga Region and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Due to high quality of our products and services, our company maintains long-term relationships with its customers. For a long time, Business Group is one of the reliable contractors of: Tatnefteprom JSC, Ermakovskoye Well Workover Company JSC, Petro Welt Technologies LLC, TH CATOIL, SP-ALLIANCE NEFTESERVIS LLC, FRAKJET-VOLGA LLC, DASTCOM LLC, OIL FORWARD LLC, BUD LLC, NHT LLC, NTC GEOTEHNOKIN JSC, RUSHIM LLC, Neftekhimservis-Samara LLC.

We are very pleased to successful cooperation with our partners. Every customer is very valuable to us. The main priority of Business Group is efficiency and quality of work performed. The Customer can always expect conscientious and responsible attitude by resorting to the services of our company.


Do you have any questions?

If you have ant questions please do not hesitate and contact us and we, from our side, will be glad to answer them and it may be “Business Group” that will find proper solutions for you.


+7(495) 280-05-80

+7(846) 977-80-59

7 Obraztsova st., Moscow, 127055

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